A Slightly Salty Note About Fabrics

A Slightly Salty Note About Fabrics

I’ve been meaning to share an update about why I haven’t had any me-made bags for sale in a long time, and also why my Spoonflower fabric/wallpaper shop is now closed.


Long story short, I’ve been using Spoonflower for 10+ years as my beloved fabric printing source. First for personal projects on my old blog, Lucky Lucille, then for every evolving iteration of my business. Home Row was even awarded the Spoonflower Small Business Grant in the Fall of 2021 which was an incredible honor at the time.


In 2021 Spoonflower was sold to Shutterfly and since the merger I have seen and felt the heart and soul of the company slowly dissolve (both literally and figuratively). In May of 2023 they announced the closing of the original manufacturing facility in Durham, NC noting on Instagram that "we will be saying goodbye to many talented coworkers and friends."


What of Spoonflower actually remains if you close the original plant and let go all of the original people? I can't even imagine a version of Spoonflower existing with out these foundational pieces and I simply don't want to buy my fabrics from Shutterfly. It doesn't feel good anymore like it used to.


Blame it on my 'Elder Emo/Double Scorpio' pedigree but it's honestly hard for me to remain professionally unemotional (aka not get salty) about it because I had so much history with the company... Basically it’s just not the same and I am no longer happy with the products or the new management ...or the new logo?! Okay sorry, see that was tart of me. 🤐🦂


Simultaneously over the last couple of years I've also been dealing with some added health challenges, so it felt like appropriate timing to slow wayyyyy down and sort out a fabric supplier, and of course, myself.


However! Every problem can become an opportunity for positive change when you have a relentlessly optimistic spirit and a wonderful emotional support system, as I'm fortunate to have. Toxic positivity can't even stand my obnoxious insistence that I'll "figure it out" AND come out better on the other side, possibly fueled by spite but whatever gets the job done ya know?


So, in the last several months I've been shopping around for a new home for my fabrics, with one really promising alternative that I love so far, but I’m still testing things out.


And! Trying not to jinx anything here but I've been feeling SO MUCH more like myself in the past few weeks than I have in literal years -- 2024 is going to be my year just you wait!! 


As soon as I dial in a new printer, and my physical health (my mental health is A-Okay thankfully ever since I discovered a life-changing prescription miracle called Prozac -- 11/10 highly recommend but I digress), my fabrics, wallpapers, home decor, and your favorite me-made project bags will return.


As always, newsletter subscribers will receive first updates!


Thanks for sticking with me as I pivot and evolve Home Row into the next form. I love you and appreciate you so much 💖



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