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LITE Drey Bag - Wool Magic - Light

LITE Drey Bag - Wool Magic - Light

**SALE! This version of the Drey Bag is discounted because it's an "oops" batch. They're still fully functional and beautifully made, just not quite up to spec. The bags are missing the interfacing for added structure and the wrong logo labels were sewn in initially. Rather than allow the bags to end up in a landfill, I've sewn the correct logo labels on top on the incorrect ones, leaving a small visible patch on the inside (see photos). If you love a really pliable, packable project bag then don't miss this version of Drey!**

Did you know a squirrel's nest is called a drey? This new, roomier project bag is perfect not only for sweaters but for squirreling away multiple projects as well!

Sizing: 16.5″ wide at the top, 10.5″ tall, 10.5″ wide at the bottom with a 6″ boxed corner, 12″ carrying handles. Double drawstring. And! An exterior zipper pocket for knitting notions measuring 4" tall by 8" wide. No interfacing. Patch logo label.

This bag was made in partnership with a Fair-Trade, earth-friendly organization in India whose mission is to provide employment and empowerment to women, pay dignified wages, offer paid job training, health care, and a safe work environment.

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